The biggest betting pool in Hong Kong is the Quinella (the Q, aka 'Reverse Forecast' in the UK), where the winning wager is to back the combination finishing first and second, in any order. For example, the placings 3-2-1 have a winning Q bet combination of 2-3 (they are normally expressed with the smaller number first).
A close second in pool size is the Quinella Place (QP, aka Duet in Australia or Omni in the USA), requiring a winning bettor to back 2 of the first 3 placegetters, in any order. So, for the placings 3-2-1, there are three winning QP combinations: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3.
How much can you win? As a combination bet, making it more difficult, the Q usually pays more than a Win bet and nearly always more than Place bets. In the last completed season, the range of quinella payouts was from $19 for a $10 ticket all the way to $15,394.50, with an average dividend of $371.00 for $10. The QP is easier to hit and payouts last season were as low as the minimum Hong Kong dividend - $10.50 for $10 - but also as high as $5,460.50 for $10 and averaged just over $157 for $10 - the QP is also a very viable wager.
For the first month of the new season, September, 2019, all bettors can find our Quinella plays and staking plan for all Hong Kong races as a FREE trial and we welcome your feedback.
These Q combinations and staking plans can be used just as easily to play the Quinella Place.
Quinella results for each meeting will be listed on the Results page alongside our usual reporting. If the trial indicates there is a demand for it, we will look at adding Quinellas as a paid service from October 1.
Before you play, punters should be aware that, as you're operating at much longer odds in many cases than win bets, the ups and downs of variance can be an even larger factor with Quinellas!
If you are already playing our Win bets with units, we suggest halving your unit value for the Quinellas.

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