Size goes clear at last

It has taken until just past the halfway marker of the season but 11-time champion trainer John Size has finally put up a break at the top of our ratings.

Since Size took the lead, he had been pressed by his former protege Frankie Lor at the head of the leader board, but Lor has had a very quiet time lately with only 3 winners from his last 68 runners over the past 5 weeks and his rating has fallen back.

Size, meanwhile, has continued to turn out winners consistently, with 14 from his last 52 runners alone, even higher than his long term percentages.

As a result, he has got some separation from the field on our figures, which we expect to translate into him soon taking over the lead in the real world championship, where he still just trails Caspar Fownes.

The mover on the trainers' list continues to be Danny Shum, who has slipped past Lor now into second on our ratings, though he sits in sixth on the championship table. He had an unusually soft start to the season but is firing on all cylinders now, with 18 winners from his last 100 runners.

The jockey ratings are a bit ho hum, Moreira continuing to keep a little gap between himself and Zac Purton, with a huge gap to the rest...but you knew that anyway!


(Note, apprentice jockey ratings reflect performances with allowance "built in". As they lose the claim and compete on a more equal footing, we expect their rating to deteriorate unless they prove to be high class riders.)

​These numbers are updated regularly, many will change considerably through the season. They are designed to reflect current form but with past figures also putting a brake on hot-streak performers or lifting up a long-term quality player having a quiet run.


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