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Extensions provide good news in jockey ranks

Hong Kong's jockey roster has had a big boost in the past week with news that both Silvestre De Sousa and Hugh Bowman are keen to stay for the remainder of the current season.

Both top jockeys had been scheduled for shorter stints concluding in February and leaving the Jockey Club with more headaches on filling the list with some big names.

But both De Sousa and Bowman are getting great opportunities and performing brilliantly and have taken that cue to request extensions to the end of the season, which will be a rubber stamp at the the club's Licensing Committee.

With Vincent Ho in great form and Karis Teetan and Alexis Badel back after health issues, the jockey ranks are looking stronger again and ready to make life difficult for Zac Purton as he seeks that season win record.

The trainer's list on our ratings continues to be an arm wrestle at the top between several yards, and reigning champion Frankie Lor is showing out at the top currently, but the recent highlight is the rise of Jamie Richards.

The former New Zealand champion is now turning out a winner a meeting and has worked his way up the middle of our ratings list after a very slow start to his first season. The other rookie, Pierre Ng is right amongst the leaders after his quick start so the health of the new stables must be pleasing the Jockey Club.

At the other end of the scale, 23-year veteran Tony Millard is having the worst season of his career and there is plenty of rumour that he is close to finishing up in Hong Kong. Richard Gibson has also been struggling in the bread and butter events but does have top class Wellington and Cordyceps Six under his care.

(Note, apprentice jockey ratings reflect performances with allowance "built in". As they lose the claim and compete on a more equal footing, we expect their rating to deteriorate unless they prove to be high class riders.)

​These numbers are updated regularly, many change considerably through the season. They are designed to reflect current form but with past figures also putting a brake on hot-streak performers or lifting up a long-term quality player having a quiet run.

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