Zac and Frankie Deserved Champions

We called Frankie Lor with eight meetings to go as the season's champion trainer but in a tougher arm wrestle for the jockeys title, Zac Purton was also a deserved winner in a contest the featured setbacks on both sides.

In truth, we think we've seen both Purton and Moreira ride better than they did in the 2021-22 season, and that's reflected in their final ratings, which are 2-3 points lower for both riders than the ridiculously high benchmarks that the pair set in 2018-19 and 2019-20.

Perhaps that can be explained partly by Purton having to overcome a nasty fall on international day and the physical issues that resulted, while Moreira has ridden with niggling injuries for the past two years as well and his prospects of winning the title suffered from a self-inflicted wound when Moreira dropped his hands on one at Happy Valley and copped a significant ban at a critical time.

There are all kinds of questions about whether this was the final episode in the 9-season Zac & Jo Show - we'll know more in September - but it was yet another great match up.

John Size had his usual soft finish to the season so Lor's lead was impossible to pull back but Lor also finished out of bullets and that was fair enough. Only twice has a winning trainer had more wins than Lor and Size couldn't be too disappointed - his 84-win tally would have won most championships. They both face a task next campaign after squeezing everything from their charges this season so how effectively they recycle their teams will be critical.

(Note, apprentice jockey ratings reflect performances with allowance "built in". As they lose the claim and compete on a more equal footing, we expect their rating to deteriorate unless they prove to be high class riders.)

​These numbers are updated regularly, many change considerably through the season. They are designed to reflect current form but with past figures also putting a brake on hot-streak performers or lifting up a long-term quality player having a quiet run.