Magic Man setting a strong pace

Zac Purton spent the last two weeks hungry as he wasted for the ride on HK Sprint favourite Aethero and it is arch-rival Joao Moreira who has been gobbling up his opportunities on the track.

Moreira is in front in the championship by a comfortable 12-win margin over Purton now, and his break in our ratings mirrors that performance.

There isn't a lot of movement in the order, although there may be some change about to come down the list. Alberto Sanna faces an appeal for his 12-meeting suspension on a running and handling charge and comes up for relicensing at the end of December while fellow Italian Umberto Rispoli has called time on his contract on December 16 after battling to secure regular opportunitie.

Silvestre de Sousa has had 4 winners after 3 weeks of his contract but is yet to make the big splash that he made last season, though he still has time.

Ricky Yiu's big start began to slow in the last week and his recent level of success looks, historically, impossible to sustain, while John Size sits poised for his mid-season surge to take him clear over the next 6 weeks.

Unlike the last two seasons, Size's title danger isn't easy to see as we don't expect trainers like Yiu, Francis Lui and Danny Shum to sustain their early scoring. Frankie Lor's season has struggled to get going so far and John Moore is another bound to improve mid-season but will be giving up a big start.

Perhaps 3-time champion Caspar Fownes is back in play after a couple of lacklustre years - his rating is getting back to the kind of level he has returned when competitive for the championship.

Note, the apprentice jockey ratings reflect performances with allowance "built in" - as they lose the claim and compete on a more equal footing, we expect their rating to deteriorate.

​These numbers are updated regularly, many will change considerably through the season. They are designed to reflect current form but with past figures also putting a brake on hot-streak performers or lifting up a long-term quality player having a quiet run.

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