Lor and Ting headlining but Size on the move

David Hayes has been knocked off the top of the trainer ratings by Frankie Lor and Jimmy Ting after a barren October.

Hayes burst out of the blocks this season but is now on a losing streak of 30 starters and has saddled up just one winner in the past month.

The new focus is on Lor and Ting, each with 9 wins in the last month, and they have taken over at the top of our ratings with little between them.

The critical change on the table this week is the upward move by John Size after 3 wins in the last 7 days. Size usually starts to throw down the gauntlet to his rivals from the month of November onwards, so he is now the yard to watch.

On the jockeys' ratings, a familiar pattern is playing out, with Joao Moreira closing the gap on Zac Purton after a slowish start by his standards and, if we have learned anything from the last couple of seasons, that is probably going to continue.

Crunch time for Moreira will come when his main trainers hit their straps and then we should start to see another wrestle for the top place between these two.


(Note, apprentice jockey ratings reflect performances with allowance "built in". As they lose the claim and compete on a more equal footing, we expect their rating to deteriorate unless they prove to be high class riders.)

​These numbers are updated regularly, many will change considerably through the season. They are designed to reflect current form but with past figures also putting a brake on hot-streak performers or lifting up a long-term quality player having a quiet run.